Trump Hotel Collection: A Healthier Option

(Photos courtesy of Four Seasons)

Sometimes we use the "I'm on vacation!" excuse to skip a workout while on a trip. It looks like Trump Hotel Collection has finally caught on to us! The hotel brand recently announced Trump Wellness, a trio of programs that aims to maintain each guest's healthy lifestyle while he or she is away from home.

Nourish—An updated menu will provide vegan, gluten-free, and organic options for adults and a revamped kid's menu. We featured Trump's minibar water selection in a previous post, and there are no plans to update the beverage selection, but it looks like the snacks in the minibar will undergo a healthy upgrade.


How to Stay Well in Sin City

(Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, and Flickr member Dean McCoy Photography)

Yes, you heard us right. Staying well in Las Vegas—notorious for its vibrant late-night scene—certainly seems like a contradiction. Think again. With the new "Stay Well" rooms at the MGM Grand, guests can rest assured that their room is loaded with amenities to improve their health and wellness.

These "Stay Well" rooms were designed by Delos, a "wellness real estate" company that prides itself on designing room layouts that maximize health and wellness. Some of the key features are a Vitamin C-infused showerhead, air purifiers, wellness lighting that assists in melatonin production, a soothing alarm clock (yes, it is possible!), and optional aromatherapy.