Pack Your Snow Boots—We're Going to the Tropics!

(Photos courtesy of Tropical Islands Resort)

Last month, we wrote about the most bizarre hotels in the world. If only we had known about this place then, it for sure would have made our list...

Tropical Islands, located 60 km south of Berlin, provides the best of warm worlds. Even though Germany is currently buried in snow, you can warm up in this former Soviet military hangar turned tropical paradise.

Inside the giant dome, there are sandy beaches, water slides, palm trees, and whirlpools. The resort is split into different spa zones, each based on a tropical region. Relax in a sauna or steam bath, or treat yourself to a massage. Children will surely enjoy the miniature golf and bumper boats.


No Passport? No Problem. You Can Still Warm Up Outside of the U.S.

(Photos courtesy of Robert Rexach and Flickr members avlxyz and Aaron Escobar)

It's frigidly cold here in Boston—the temperature hasn't made it out of the teens as of late—so it really shouldn't surprise you that we've got warm, sunny, tropical (you get the point) locales on our minds. Last week, we wrote this piece on escaping winter in Virgin Gorda. And then it hit us—how do you escape winter if you don't have a passport? Well, your first order of business is to get one. Honestly, we couldn't even live without ours. But that doesn't mean that while you wait, you're limited to the 50 states when it comes to finding a place to thaw out.


Got the Winter Blues? We’re Prescribing Virgin Gorda!

(Photos courtesy of the BVI Tourist Board)

Are you finding yourself dreaming of blue skies and endless rays of sunshine? Are you reminiscing about your once tanned skin that has faded to pale? Overcoming the winter blues can be tough, but jetting off to Virgin Gorda, one of our favorite island destinations, is a proven remedy.

Even though the island is only 8.5 square miles, there is plenty to keep your mind off of the snowflakes at home. Virgin Gorda hosts five beaches, but we favor Devil's Bay. At this national park, you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water to swim or snorkel. Walk through "The Caves," a group of giant, looming boulders the size of buildings, and head to a renowned beach called The Baths. Other beaches worth visiting include Spring Bay and Savannah Bay. The latter is known for its white sand, and since it's never too crowded, make sure you take the opportunity to snap some photos from the hillside—the view is enough to make anyone drool.