Money-Saving Tricks for 2015 Travel

(Photos courtesy of Shutterstock)

It's still early in 2015, so there is plenty of time left to plan for your big vacation of the year. We've put together a few of our best money-saving tricks to help guide you toward finding the perfect price for your dream vacation.

1. Choose a hotel wisely. All travelers are different—adventurous travelers want to snowboard down slippery, snow-covered slopes just for the thrill of it, while beach bums would rather have their toes in the sand with an umbrella drink in hand. Choosing the right hotel is important. When making your decision, consider things like budget, interests, location, and convenience to local transportation to make sure that you're selecting a place that fits your needs.

2. Choose budget-friendly activities. Travel doesn't have to be expensive. Major cities around the world offer cheap or free must-see activities that are fun, interesting, and easy on the wallet! We're thinking of things like museums with free-admission days, historical sites, places with amazing scenic views, and outdoor activities like snorkeling or hiking.