Happy Belated National Camera Day!

(Photos courtesy of Flickr members cphoffman42, Andries3, and H.A.S. Photo Designs)

We know, we know...we're late! We were so busy taking travel photos that we forgot to wish everyone a happy National Camera Day! June 29 was the holiday, and to celebrate, we've put together a list of our favorite destinations to photograph:

  • Sri Lanka—The island of Sri Lanka is packed with diversity and cultural heritage just waiting to be photographed. But be careful, taking photos of Buddhist imagery is considered disrespectful, and it is forbidden to be photographed with statues and murals. The beaches, landscapes, people and all-around scenery are stunning, though, so bring extra film!


Have Instagram, Will Travel

(Photos courtesy of Instagramers Iozula, michaelturtle, and uncornered_market)

If you aren't already on Instagram, you're missing out. There's a growing community of Instagramers who capture their travels in photos—some from the most remote corners of the world (corners you might never have the chance to see otherwise). Here are three Instagramers you should be following to inspire your wanderlust, and some of our favorite photos from each of them:

  • Iozula: Laurence quit his job in 2009 in search of a change of scenery. His photos are vibrantly colorful and give a glimpse into his semi-nomadic life on the road.

iozula2.png iozula3.png iozula4.png