Travel Trend Watch: Europe for Less

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The U.S. dollar is very strong right now, which makes it a very good time to travel to Europe. With the help of President George Hobica, the Tingo team has put together some of our best money-saving tips for traveling to Europe.

Airfare Tips

  • Choose your dates wisely. Airfares to Europe are still high, despite the plunge in oil prices. We've seen some better travel deals for dates before mid-June and after mid-August. However, it's good to know that there is no best time of day or week to find a flight deal.
  • Sign up for airfare alerts. You can be the first to know of great airfare deals by signing up for airfare alerts by email and by following airlines and other travel sites on Twitter.


Pack Your Snow Boots—We're Going to the Tropics!

(Photos courtesy of Tropical Islands Resort)

Last month, we wrote about the most bizarre hotels in the world. If only we had known about this place then, it for sure would have made our list...

Tropical Islands, located 60 km south of Berlin, provides the best of warm worlds. Even though Germany is currently buried in snow, you can warm up in this former Soviet military hangar turned tropical paradise.

Inside the giant dome, there are sandy beaches, water slides, palm trees, and whirlpools. The resort is split into different spa zones, each based on a tropical region. Relax in a sauna or steam bath, or treat yourself to a massage. Children will surely enjoy the miniature golf and bumper boats.


Enjoy Europe at Off-Season Prices

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Every traveler should have the opportunity to visit Europe at some point in his or her lifetime. Overwhelmed by the cost of travel, inflated hotel prices, and thousands of tourists? Say no more. This year, swap poolside for passports and explore all that Europe has to offer! Most European cities enjoy peace and quiet during the off-season (between November and March), since the Christmas visitors have returned home and the summer ones are in the beginning stages of planning. Hopping across the pond during these months still grants an all-access pass to the culture, attractions, and cuisine—but at a discount.

  • Discounts—Traveling during the off-season has its financial perks. Airfare is often hundreds of dollars less, and many fine hotels drop their prices considerably. On a budget? Bargain with smaller boutique hotels by mentioning a specific price range.
  • Tourist-free—High season typically means droves of tourists huddled around the Mona Lisa for a photo op. If you're like us, you're more interested in the painting than the snapshot. Waiting for low season guarantees significantly fewer travelers (i.e. a more relaxed pace), not to mention shorter lines and discounted tickets.