10 Very Good Caribbean Hotels Under $199

(Photos courtesy of Jake's and Flickr members digitizedchaos and Nadya Peek)

A trip to the tropics doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check into ten of the best affordable hotels in the Caribbean for a sunshine-filled break that'll leave you smiling—not broke. Rates listed below were accurate on Tingo when we checked, but obviously are based on availability (as in, when you decide to visit).

  • Jake's, Jamaica, $115/night—The Caribbean is full of interesting, small hotels. Few, however, have been able to top this spectacular spot on the south coast of Jamaica, with its theatrical décor and dramatic rock-top location. Good food, fascinating furnishings, convivial service, and a great little waterfront spa make this one a huge winner.
  • Ports of Call Resort, Turks and Caicos, $129/night—Every hotel on Grace Bay Beach likes to talk about their location on Grace Bay Beach, but few of them are as affordable as this agreeable, family-friendly resort. With fewer than 100 rooms, the atmosphere is intimate without being too sleepy.
  • Butterfly Beach Hotel, Barbados, $173/night—Living the good life in Rihanna's glam (and sunny) homeland isn't as expensive as you might think. A handful of solid, affordably priced hotels such as this one make it hard to pass up a visit to one of the region's most beautiful islands. The décor isn't much, but the surf-side setting in Christ Church is just too much to ignore when the rates are low.