Hotel Checkout Checklist

(Photos courtesy of Flickr members wwarby, skampy, and Heather_McNabb)

Nothing is worse than getting back home from a vacation and realizing you left your favorite jacket in the hotel closet or your laptop charger in the outlet. Next time you check out, look over this list and make sure you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

1. Did I pack the night before? It's easier to pack up your suitcase the night before you check out of a hotel room. That way, you're not pressed for time and rushing to make the checkout time, and you'll avoid leaving items behind.

Hotel Check-In Checklist

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We've heard of a few hotel horror stories: guests walking into occupied hotel rooms, realizing that the "empty" hotel room had someone else's stuff in the bathroom, overflowing toilets, and unwanted wake-up calls at 4 AM. Next time you find yourself in a hotel room, use our Check-in Checklist to avoid the above problems and more! Make sure you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

1. Am I in the right room? Yes, it really happens—guests enter the wrong hotel rooms sometimes. Even if you think your room is empty, it's not a bad idea to check the dresser drawers and look for toiletries in the bathroom.

2. Do all of the locks work correctly? This includes the front door, the balcony door, and the window locks.


Our Favorite Hotel Bathrooms to Soak It All In

(Photos courtesy of Post Ranch Inn, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and The Standard)

Hotels can be judged on room size, amenities, perks, and loyalty programs, but we think a new category should be introduced: bathrooms. While hotel bathrooms used to be relatively cookie-cutter, hoteliers have upped the ante and bathrooms have become pieces of art, fitting the personality and tone of the hotel. We've rounded up a list of our favorite U.S. hotel bathrooms:

  • The Standard, High Line, NYC—All 338 guest rooms feature wall-to-wall windows that overlook breathtaking views of Manhattan or the Hudson River. While the views had us speechless, we were also wowed by the sleek bathroom that separates you and NYC by a piece of glass. The bathroom also includes a deep-soaking tub with views of the Empire State Building, a walk-in spa shower, and tons of closet space.
  • Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur—The view from the bathroom at the Post Ranch Inn is second to none. The gorgeous bathroom in the Cliff House offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. The deep granite bathtubs have internal water heaters, since the windows open for optimal viewing. The luxury doesn't stop at the tubs: Tibetan rugs cover the heated floor to ensure that you're comfortable even when you're done soaking.