Travel Trend Watch: Unique Hotel Freebies

(Photos courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai and Flickr members Photographer23 and Larry Ziffle)

In the past, we've complained about annoying fees that hotels sometimes charge. This time around, we're celebrating a few special hotels that offer really cool freebies to their guests.

  • Goldfish—The Soho Grand Hotel in New York City will provide a goldfish pal to keep you company for the duration of your stay. This trend is becoming increasingly popular among other hotels, too.
  • Bike Rentals—Vancouver's Opus Hotel has mountain bikes available for free rental. The bikes are first come, first served, though, so if you plan to tour the city on a set of wheels, make sure you request your rental in advance! 
  • Lauhala Bag—At Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Big Island, Hawaii, early-arrival guests ages 4-12 receive a beach goodie bag to jump-start their vacations. The bag contains a sand-castle-building kit and a personalized game page. The bag also contains flip-flops for the whole family and a map and copy of the New York Times Digest for the adults to read.
  • Turntables/Records— Any music lover will appreciate that the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs has turntables and a record collection available for guests to use. Throw on your favorite record and dance the night away, free of charge! 
  • "Sound of Your Stay"—San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (along with other select Hard Rock properties) offers this music-freebie program. Guests can download a free 15-song playlist, use digital mixing software, and choose from a menu of 20 Fende guitars and basses to play during their stay.

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