Trump Hotel Collection: A Healthier Option

(Photos courtesy of Four Seasons)

Sometimes we use the "I'm on vacation!" excuse to skip a workout while on a trip. It looks like Trump Hotel Collection has finally caught on to us! The hotel brand recently announced Trump Wellness, a trio of programs that aims to maintain each guest's healthy lifestyle while he or she is away from home.

Nourish—An updated menu will provide vegan, gluten-free, and organic options for adults and a revamped kid's menu. We featured Trump's minibar water selection in a previous post, and there are no plans to update the beverage selection, but it looks like the snacks in the minibar will undergo a healthy upgrade. The culinary team at Trump Hotel Collection is partnering with organic companies to create menu items with certified organic or locally grown products.

Quick Bites—An in-room to-go menu will provide healthier options. Plus, Trump hotels guarantee that all items will be delivered in 15 minutes or less. Healthy food in 15 minutes? When you're on the run, you can't beat that!

Travel Fit—This program will provide tools to help guests complete their fitness routines. Yoga mats, stretch bands, weights, and other workout equipment will be available to guests upon request. Forgot your workout attire? Don't worry, Trump can provide that, too! The hotels will even let you borrow a pre-loaded iPod for musical inspiration.

What do you think of the new Trump Wellness program? Book a Trump hotel on Tingo and test it out!

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