Travel Trend Watch: Bizarre Travel Gadgets

(Photos courtesy of Amazon, Studio Banana Things, and The Scrubba Wash Bag)

Nowadays there are plenty of gizmos and gadgets to make our traveling experiences more enjoyable. From Wi-Fi T-shirts to Ostrich Pillows, travel accessories are certainly advancing from the functional to the bizarre. Have these designers gone too far in search of the perfect travel gadget?

  • PlaneSheets—Plane seats experience a lot of wear and tear and many times it's difficult to move past their unexplainable stains and dingy appearance. PlaneSheets allow you to experience "clean flying" by putting a clean sheet in between you and the thousands of other travelers who have sat in that seat. Sold in a washable and disposable version, PlaneSheets puts the "personal" back into personal travel.
  • Scrubba Wash Bag—The Scrubba Wash Bag is perfect for washing clothes on the go. It's proven to be twice as effective as hand washing: Travelers simply fill the bag with water and a cleaning agent, roll and clip the bag, open and squeeze to expel air, rub against the internal washboard, and rinse.
  • Mobile Foodie Survival Kit—This "survival" kit will perfectly suit traveling foodies who may stumble upon bland cuisine. Packed with more than 10 organic herbs and spices, the most repulsive meals can be revived. There's nothing a little wasabi and cayenne can't fix, right?
  • Ostrich Pillow— One of our favorite travel gadgets, the Ostrich Pillow is perfect for on-the-go travelers. Resembling an astronaut helmet, this plush pillow creates a warm and comfortable environment for the perfect nap atmosphere. With spots for both your head and hands, the Ostrich pillow accommodates all napping positions.
  • Wi-Fi Detector Shirt—In the wired world in which we live, Wi-Fi is available everywhere, but finding a strong signal is another story. This chic Wi-Fi shirt's glowing bars change with the signal strength.

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