Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Better, Safer Hotel Stays

Not every hotel stay is pleasant, but they all should be. Here are the top gifts this holiday season that can make every stay a better and safer one.


Travelon Universal 3-in-1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger, $70.00

01-travelon universal 3-in-1 adapter, converter, and usb charger_2.jpg

(Photo: Travelon)

Depending on what part of the world your hotel is in, charging your electronics can be tricky. You may need an adapter to change the plug shape, a converter to adjust the voltage, or both. The Travelon Universal 3-in-1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger does all of the above in more than 150 countries worldwide. Get it at Travelon.


Geneva Sound System Model XS, $249.95

02-geneva sound system model xs_3.jpg

(Photo: Geneva)

No, we don’t recommend throwing a dance party in your hotel room, but there are times when you may want your audio to come to life. Though small in size, the Geneva Sound System Model XS produces big Hi-Fi sound. It works via both Bluetooth and a wired connection, and it doubles as an alarm clock. Get it at Geneva.


Droog Mat Walk Bathroom Mat, $74.75

03-droog mat walk bathroom mat.jpg

(Photo: SOCIALisBETTER via Flickr. CC Attribution.

Just because your hotel room appears clean doesn’t mean that it actually is. The dirty truth is that the bathroom floor may be one of its germiest surfaces. You can protect your feet (and keep them warm) with the Droog Mat Walk Bathroom Mat. Made out of cotton, it has built-in slippers so you never have to touch the floor. Get it at Amazon.


Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock, $44.99

04-kensington clicksafe keyed laptop lock.jpg

(Photo: Kensington)

Valuables go missing from hotel rooms all the time, but with the Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock, your laptop doesn’t have to. It attaches to 99% of laptops with a single click, offering an exceptionally high level of theft resistance. Get it at Kensington.

Dog Training Tracks: A Musical No-Bark Solution: The Blues for Buster, $9.99

05-dog training tracks a musical no-bark solution the blues for buster.png

If you ever travel with your dog, you probably worry about the noise he or she makes when left alone in your hotel room (an unfamiliar environment can lead to anxiety and incessant barking). This blues CD is layered with everyday household sounds that make your pet feel right at home, keeping him or her calm—and quiet—until you return. Get it on iTunes.


SteriPEN Freedom Portable Water Purifier, $119.95

06-steripen freedom portable water purifier.jpg

(Photo: SteriPEN)

The SteriPEN Freedom Portable Water Purifier is the perfect gift for germophobes or international travelers. Using UV-ray technology, it can purify a glass of water in less than a minute. Get it at SteriPEN.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger, $24.99

07-belkin mini surge protector with usb charger.jpg

(Photo: Belkin)

If you’re anything like us, your hotel room hardly ever has enough power outlets to charge all of your electronics. The Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger turns one outlet into three AC and two USB outlets (so there’s no need to pack your phone charger). Get it at Belkin.


Forceguard Portable Door Lock, $24.95

08-forceguard portable door lock_3.jpg

(Photo: Forceguard)

The last thing anyone wants to do on vacation is worry about hotel security. Unfortunately, you never know who might try to gain access to your room, which is especially worrisome when you’re inside of it. The Forceguard Portable Door Lock is designed to be used independently of existing locks and can withstand over 1,000 pounds of force. Get it at Forceguard.

Air-O-Swiss 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier, $39.99

09-air-o-swiss 7146 travel ultrasonic humidifier.jpg

(Photo: Air-O-Swiss)

The lack of moisture in hotel rooms bothers a lot of people. The Air-O-Swiss 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier eliminates dry air by using an ordinary water bottle to produce a fine mist. Get it at Air-O-Swiss.


Tempur-Pedic TravelSet Mattress Overlay and NeckPillow, $379.00

10-tempur-pedic travelset mattress overlay and neckpillow.jpg

(Photo: Tempur-Pedic)

Most hotel beds just aren’t as comfortable as the one in your own home. The Tempur-Pedic TravelSet comes with a twin-size mattress overlay and neck pillow so you can still get a good night’s sleep. The set also includes a waterproof carrier bag with wheels, making it easy to travel with. Get it at Tempur-Pedic.

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