Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag

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Flying between time zones can really throw off a traveler's internal clock, making you feel as though you need to nap right when you arrive at your destination instead of getting out and enjoying the place. While there isn't an official "cure" for jet lag, these suggestions for things you should do before and during the flight will help prevent jet lag from occurring. 

1. Stay healthy before your trip. Do your best to eat well, get a full night's sleep, and exercise before your trip. A few days before you depart, try to gradually adjust your sleeping and eating schedules to fit with those of your destination. You'll be used to that schedule by the time you arrive at your destination.

2. Stay hydrated. One of the most important items on this list is to stay hydrated while in the air. Try your best to avoid beverages that contain alcohol or caffeine. Instead, drink lots of water or juice to keep hydrated. We suggest drinking a glass of water or juice each hour you're in the air.

3. Walk around. Get up and stretch or take a stroll to the bathroom. Moving around will warm up your muscles and prevent stiffness later on.

4. Eat up. Airplane meals aren't always the healthiest of options, so snacking on healthier foods like fruits and vegetables will get your travel diet off to a good start.

5. Sleep. Many travelers take a sedative to ensure they get some shut-eye on a possibly noisy plane. That might work for you. Either way, we suggest bringing along a travel pillow, earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, and an eye mask to stay comfortable and keep out any excessive noise and light. If you're able to take a short nap on the flight, you'll beat some of the fatigue you might feel upon arrival. (Hint: For more tips like these, check out the Airfarewatchdog blog. Airfarewatchdog is a sister site of Tingo and provides a search engine for cheap airfare deals as well as tons of insider tips and helpful information.)

6. Go outside. When you arrive at your destination, try to take a walk outside in the sunlight. The natural light will help you feel better.

7. Stay awake. If you really need to nap when you arrive at your destination, try to keep it short. A 30-45 minute nap should be enough to keep your biological clock in order. We've heard that it helps to stay up until 9 PM local time the day of arrival.

8. Take advantage of hotel packages. Some hotels offer jet lag cure packages, spa treatments, and other amenities to help guests recover from jet lag upon arrival. Depending on the hotel, packages can include things like massages and scalp treatments to relieve tense muscles, a pillow menu with a variety of pillow types to choose from, and aromatherapy sessions. Be sure to book your hotel on Tingo, because when the price drops, you'll get a refund automatically.

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