The Most Popular Hotels on Tingo (U.S. Edition)

(Photos courtesy of Floridays Resort, MGM Resorts International, and Nickelodeon Suites Resort)

Have you ever wondered what the most popular hotels are on Tingo? (If your answer is no, we won't hold it against you.) The Tingo team loves fun facts, so we decided to go looking for some. Drum roll, please! Below are the five hotels in the country that have been booked the most on the site. We've also included the biggest Money Back amount for each to date—you know, for fun!

Biggest Money Back Amount—$584.20

image courtesy of mgm resorts international.jpg image courtesy of mgm resorts international_2.jpg image.jpg image courtesy of mgm resorts international_5.jpg

Biggest Money Back Amount—$402.75

image courtesy of floridays resort.jpg image courtesy of floridays resort_2.jpg image courtesy of floridays resort_3.jpg

Biggest Money Back Amount—$522.90

image courtesy of nickelodeon suites resort.jpg image courtesy of nickelodeon suites resort_2.jpg image courtesy of nickelodeon suites resort_3.jpg

Biggest Money Back Amount—$391.92

belvedere2.png belvedere.png belvedere3.png

Biggest Money Back Amount—$773.18

image courtesy of salisbury hotel.jpg image courtesy of salisbury hotel_2.jpg

Photos in blog text courtesy of MGM Resorts International, Floridays Resort, Nickelodeon Suites Resort, The Belvedere Hotel, and Salisbury Hotel.

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