Summer Travel Stress? There's an App for That!

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We're sure anyone who owns a smartphone can say an app has come to the rescue at one time or another. Whether they've been used to pay a credit card bill on time, find a gas station, or double as a flashlight, apps have revolutionized the way we use (and rely on) our phones—and travel apps are no exception. This summer, check out these travel apps that will come in handy on any getaway:

  • iPatrol Travel Advice: Travel with peace of mind with this trusty app. iPatrol catalogues the most visited destinations and offers safety tips for visitors unfamiliar with the area. Whether you're traveling to Times Square or the Eiffel Tower, this app will keep you and your family feeling safe and secure.
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  • TripAdvisor: We may be a little biased here (we're a TripAdvisor company), but this app is perfect for real reviews from real travelers (there are over 100 million!). With the TripAdvisor app, you can find great restaurants, hotels, or flights and make a reservation or book with a few screen taps.
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  • YP Local Search & Gas Prices: How many times have we found ourselves on empty and in dire need of gas? What about craving a specific entrée or dessert on the road, but not knowing where to find it? This app is perfect for connecting you with local businesses, deals, and events. The "My Stuff" folder allows you to personalize your experience and save your favorite restaurants, businesses, and shops. With access to ratings, reviews, and photos, this app will be your go-to for all things local.
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  • Postagram: Postcards are a nice way to let friends and family know how your vacation is going. This app brings postcards to the technology era by allowing smartphone users the opportunity to turn pictures into "e-postcards" and easily share with contact lists. Say cheese!

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  • Packing Pro: Never forget socks again with this handy packing checklist. Create custom lists or choose from one of the preloaded samples. Once you've created the perfect list, easily share with fellow travelers. This app also allows you to set alerts to remember essentials like local currency and passports.
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  • Wi-Fi Finder: Paying premium in an internet café is a thing of the past. With over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide, this app helps users locate free Wi-Fi. By downloading all the locations offline, you can identify hot spots when you're en route. If you'd prefer not to sit in a coffee shop for hours, use the filter option to find the type of location you'd prefer, whether that be a hotel, restaurant, etc.
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  • TripIt: We're sure most of you can remember traveling with a parent who toted around a manila folder or binder chock-full of itineraries and confirmation emails. Well, the 2013 version of the folder is TripIt. This app allows you to keep all of your important documents in one location: your smartphone! Users simply forward all confirmation emails to and voila! Your documents can be easily managed from your phone. TripIt recognizes 3,000+ booking sites and allows users to share their plans with friends and family.
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