Rest Assured with a Pillow Menu!

(Photo: Almada hotel via Flickr. CC Attribution.

If the existing mountain of provided pillows doesn't quite suit your fancy, hotels all over the country offer "pillow menus," which are mindful of travelers with various sleep preferences. If you require a lullaby to fall asleep, the "sound pillow" offered by Affinia Hotels, among others, plays music through speakers so tiny that they're unnoticeable. If your significant other's snores rouse you mid-slumber, do yourself a favor and order him or her one of The Benjamin's "snore-no-more" pillows, also offered by many additional hotels. Some of the more obscure alternatives are the buckwheat pillow, made of all-natural materials, a "cloud" pillow filled with over ten million air beads, and the magnetic therapy pillow, which improves circulation and supposedly cures insomnia. Sweet dreams!

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Posted on; December 06, 2012
Thanks for the useful tips!! Now I can take full advantage of the hotels services that I will be staying at in the future.
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