Hotel Check-In Checklist

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We've heard of a few hotel horror stories: guests walking into occupied hotel rooms, realizing that the "empty" hotel room had someone else's stuff in the bathroom, overflowing toilets, and unwanted wake-up calls at 4 AM. Next time you find yourself in a hotel room, use our Check-in Checklist to avoid the above problems and more! Make sure you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

1. Am I in the right room? Yes, it really happens—guests enter the wrong hotel rooms sometimes. Even if you think your room is empty, it's not a bad idea to check the dresser drawers and look for toiletries in the bathroom.

2. Do all of the locks work correctly? This includes the front door, the balcony door, and the window locks.

3. Do I know emergency protocol? Make a note of where the fire-exit stairwell is in relation to your room. This information can usually be found on the back of the hotel-room door.

4. Do the bathroom fixtures work? Make sure the sink runs clean water, the toilet flushes properly, and the shower has hot water.

5. Do the in-room accessories work? Clear any alarms belonging to previous guests. The last thing you'd want is a 4 AM alarm to disturb your vacation sleep! Double-check that the phone works. Even though we mostly use cell phones now, if you're expecting a wake-up call and the phone doesn't work,  you'll never get it. Lastly, make sure the TV, cable, and remote controls work. Don't forget to use a wipe to clean the remote control—you never know who touched it before you!

6. Does the safe work? Make sure you know how to operate the safe correctly before stashing your important belongings in there. Test it a few times before you lock away your goods.

7. Did I take off the comforter? No questions asked on this one. Hotel staff changes the sheets before a new guest arrives, but as for the comforter? We'll never know. Take it off, stash it in the corner, and don't touch it again.

Next time you visit a hotel, don't forget to use this checklist. We also suggest booking your room on Tingo, because when the price drops, you'll get a refund automatically.

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