News to Use: Hotel Fees Keep Climbing

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Resort fee. Parking fee. Internet fee. Once you're done paying all of the hotel's taxes and fees, the original price of your stay has practically doubled. In 2012, hotel fees climbed 5.4%. Hospitality expert Bjorn Hanson told that with hotel occupancy on the rise this year, hoteliers plan to tack on even more fees.

In 2013, keep an eye out for:

  • Baggage holding fee—While this service was previously complimentary, some hotels may now charge up to $2 per bag (not including tip) to keep your bags safely stowed.
  • Minibar restocking fee—Restocking the minibar requires hotel staffers to make sure each candy bar and nip is refreshed. Since these fees may cost you up to $2.50, try your hardest to fight the $5 late-night craving.
  • Limits on Wi-Fi usage—While Wi-Fi is free in most hotel rooms, there may be a limit based on the browsing capacity. Email? Fine. The news? OK. Trying to access your Hulu account? Prepare for a streaming charge.
  • Early departure fees—Already booked the hotel for vacation week but your son gets sick halfway through? Too bad. Some hotels will begin charging, regardless of occupancy.
  • Cancellation fees—Even though cancellation fees are becoming commonplace, hotels will be much stricter about their policies this year. Many will begin enforcing a 48- or 72-hour advanced-cancellation notice. In fact, forgetting to cancel in advance can cost you a night's stay!

Which of these policies annoy you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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