Buckle Up: The Best Summer Road Trips

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Summer is fast approaching! The warmer months are the perfect time to load up the car and take a road trip. Spending a week or two traveling from place to place is a great way to see the wonderful things the world has to offer while spending quality time with the friends or family members you bring along. Thankfully, we came up with a few suggestions to help you plan your summer vacation.

New England Coast

New England is home to many beautiful beaches and numerous tourist attractions. Some key stops to make are Salem, MA, where you can learn about the Salem Witch Trials at the Salem Witch Museum; Hampton Beach, NH, where you can stop for a day in the sun; and Acadia National Park, ME, America's second most popular national park.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan offers a scenic road trip with lots of interesting stops along the way. We recommend visiting Holland, MI, a Dutch city where you can watch wooden-shoe-making demonstrations and visit a 250-year-old imported windmill; the famous Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI; and Grand Rapids, MI, so you can say you sipped on a brew in 2012 and 2013's "Best Beer City in the U.S."

Grand Canyon

The Southwest features stunning canyons and breathtaking views, but the Grand Canyon, aptly named, tops them all. We recommend the Grand Canyon's North Rim, since it's usually less crowded and a little bit cooler in the summer months. The best places to stop are Point Imperial, which rises to more than 8,000 feet and is the highest point on the North Rim; North Kaibab Trail, a 14-mile hiking trail (recommended for experienced hikers); and Roosevelt's Point, which is perfect for a picnic lunch.

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