Avoid Labor Day Traffic Like a Pro

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Thinking about squeezing in a Labor Day weekend road trip? It's nice to end the summer with a relaxing vacation before the kids head back to school, however, Labor Day weekend is known for its horrendous highway traffic. But don't fret—we've got you covered! Here's a list of ways you can avoid the headache and hassle of Labor Day travel.

1. Choose a less popular area. Lots of people will be visiting the popular summer spots. But you can have just as much fun somewhere else, with less of a crowd. Make sure to book your hotel on Tingo, and if the price of your reservation goes down, you'll automatically be refunded the difference.

2. Prepare your vehicle. Before you leave for your trip, inspect your vehicle and take care of any necessary maintenance. Make sure you leave with a full tank of gas and a car emergency kit, just in case something happens along the way.

3. Travel at off-peak times or stay an extra day. Lots of travelers plan to leave for their destinations Friday after work and then return home on Monday afternoon or evening. If you can leave Thursday or return home Tuesday instead, you'll miss some traffic.

4. Take an alternate route. The highway might be the most direct route to your destination, but you will hit less congested roads if you take the long way or find back roads as an alternative.

5. Check traffic and know your route. It's smart to check traffic before you leave and while you're on the road. If you don't have a GPS navigation system in your car, download a map app on your phone. Make sure you're not using your phone while you drive, though. Instead, enlist a trusted copilot to direct you where to go.

6. Avoid paying cash at tolls. Sign up for a transponder that will get you through the tolls. The lines move much faster when you don't have to stop to hand quarters to a tollbooth worker.

7. Share the wheel. Driving gets tiresome, especially after being in the car for hours. Split the driving up between eligible drivers in the car.

8. Take breaks. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic is aggravating. Get off the highway and take breaks for meals. You never know what kind of sightseeing you might find along the way!

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